.30 cal Marauder Magazine

One for $44 ppd - Two for $75 ppd

If you have modified your Marauder Rifle to .30 caliber, now it can function as a repeater, the same as the .177, .22, and .25 caliber versions.

These seven shot magazines are a drop-in fit to compliment the popular .30 cal conversion for the Marauder Air Rifle. They work well with the JSB and Daystate pellets, and with many cast lead bullets up to approximately 75 grains.

The external dimensions of the magazine are the same as the Marauder .25 cal mags. The new internal spider is precision CNC machined from black Delrin. The entry and exit ports have been properly sized and contoured for .30 caliber. The caliber markings and the shot count numbering are engraved, and highlighted in white for good visibility.